Icebreaker Hope EP (2014)

by Nihilosaur

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Released December 2014

Felix Geniusfix - guitars, samples, backing vocal
Florian Analfox - vocal, bass, programming drums

All songs by Nihilosaur.
All songs copyright Nihilosaur

All lyrics by Nihilosaur (inspired by Aldous Huxley, Koheleth, Jerzy Prokopiuk, Lech Bukowski)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aro at Monroe Sound Studio in Stargard, Poland

Cover art by LMBF inspired by Ilona Kuzmitowicz photography

Band: nihilosaur(at)
Management: acms(at), +48 668738115
Band site:,


released December 12, 2014


'Dass man Nihilosaur hierzulande noch nicht wirklich kennt, darf nicht mehr lange so bleiben. Das polnische Duo bringt fetten Sludge mit, der wahnsinnig düster daherkommt. Für Fans eine unbedingte Kaufempfehlung, auch wenn man sich die polnischen Texte übersetzen lassen muss.'


'Szczeciński Nihilosaur jest monstrum ambitnym, popapranym i eklektycznym, jak Hydra posiadającym kilka stylistycznych oblicz, odzianym przy tym w mocny autorski pancerz. Icebreaker Hope to ep, „preludium i stan przejściowy do kolejnego pełnego albumu” – jak podkreśla zespół. ' MusickMagazine



all rights reserved


Nihilosaur Szczecin, Poland

Florian Analfox - voices, bass,
Felix Geniusfix - guitars, samples,
Tiwo Meiz - drums


Studio albums:
1. The End is Within Sight - 2007
2. Death is the Border That Evil Cannot Cross - 2013

1. You Will Never Get the Satisfaction- 2011
2. Icebreaker Hope - 2014
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Track Name: Poza Bunkrem
jestesmy forma
rozpadu duszy
gorsetem techniki
i nie ma juz nic
widmowym powtarzaniem

a teraz zgas swiatlo,
a teraz rozloz nogi
Track Name: Sex Sex Sex
my happiness
bears no relation
to happiness

despite all the money

my life
bears no relation
to life

and my
love bears no
relation to love

despite all
the sex

and despie all
the money

and face
and charm
and prozac
and alcohol
and heroine
and lsd

how to become youlself
being someone else at the same time
Track Name: Love in Time of Algorithms
I came to a place devoid of light
and saw authorities their pimps and slaves
wankers, hot milfs, agents, userpers
and prominent pedophiles
and new churches with cult of plastic craps
and animals who committed suicide
and the black gall licking out of cunts
and love in time of algorythms
whoo whoo whoo whoo

the darkest hour is just before
just before the dawn, whoo, whoo ,whoo, whoo

so don't wake me up
Track Name: Androgin
z liscia
w pysk

tension and coffe
tension and mist
tension and coffe
tension and me
tension and coffe
tension and mass

Czy jest bezpiecznie czy idzie zle
mam watpliwosci choc pies moj nie
bo uciek skomlac, zwial przerazony
ja siedze dalej, dziwnie podniecony

tension and ..

ale wstaje, opuszczam
wracam, wstaje
sprawdzam, nie mam
mijam, jestem
jak mam, nie wiem
sprawdzam, nie mam
znow gram, jestem
wstaje, leze
Track Name: The Movement of Venus
It said: I just signed up for this social sex network.
I said: Hello I'm new I'm new here, well.. quite new
It said: I want you to ride me tough, So are you from Earth too?

I said: Yes, yes I am
And it said: that's good

It said: Chat with me real quick. I'll show you my tits
It said: can you add my username to private chat
I said: Hello I'm new I'm new here, well.. quite new
It said: So far so good but I worn you Im not a good girl

And I said: 2bad,
Actually I'm looking for a good girl.
I want to fall in love
I'm looking for a good girl

It said: 2bad
Track Name: Melancholyism
You shall know the truth
and the truth shall make you mad

but maybe the end of the world
already happened
and we stand in the world
after the disaster

great is truth but still greater
from the practical point of view
is silence about the truth

but maybe the end of the world
already happened.......

The dead who had already died
are happier than the living
who are still alive
but better than both
is the one who has never been born