Death is the Border That Evil Cannot Cross (2013)

by Nihilosaur

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Released May 2013

Florian Analfox - Vocals, Bass
Felix Geniusfix – Guitars, samples
Tiwo Meiz – Percussion

All songs by Nihilosaur.
All songs copyright Nihilosaur

All lyrics by Nihilosaur (Translated by Daniel Bras: except ‘Fucked Up’, by Philip Larkin and 'NASDAQ' by Anonymous (Translated by Gary Pansey)

'NASDAQ' intro basen on Kode 9 & The Spaceape track 'Nine Samurai'

Mixed by Dawid Zyskowski. Produced by Dawid Zyskowski and Nihilosaur.
Guitars, bass and drums recorded at Perlazza Studio in Poznan, Poland.
Mastered by Aro at Monroe Sound Studio in Stargard, Poland

Album released by Demons of Entertainment Records

Dawid Zyskowski:

Band: nihilosaur(at)
Management: acms(at), +48 668738115
Band site:,


'Their new album - Death Is The Border That Evil Cannot Cross - is one of the craziest and surreal Sludge Metal albums I have had the pleasure to listen this year. The band are highly talented individuals and know how to write awesome twisted psychedelic Sludge Metal riffs.' -


'Nihilosaur kind of sound like Coalesce meets English space rock band My Vitriol, equal parts post-punk techy skronk and spacey, atmospheric goodness. With something distinctly ’90s indie rock, ala Sonic Youth, or an influence I can’t quite place. I dig very much! You will too. -


'Chłopaki wiedzą jak zaczarować. Techniczny, lekko psychodeliczny hardcore w tym samym duchu co magicy z Cave-In, czy Codeseven. Frapujące, nietuzinkowe granie!' -


'The metal mastership on display throughout the album is impressive. Nihilosaur's song craft shows that these guys know how to construct highly enjoyable sludge metal with layers of black metal and glimpses of doom and despite the sometimes extremely dark places they explore there is real passion played throughout by all band members that makes this album so good.' -


'Es que el álbum me encanta, realmente me gusta. De hecho, creo que es uno de los mejores discos que he escuchado en el 2013. Es por eso que lo escucho varias veces por semana desde que lo descargué de la web del sello. Pero, a su vez, me provoca un estado de locura y claustrofobia tan grande, que a veces siento la necesidad de estar en silencio, lejos de los abrumadores climas opresivos que inundan la habitación (y mi mente) mientras suena esta joya de la alienación. ' -


'Bardzo dobry materiał, zagrany z głową, pasją i na wysokim poziomie! Sporo wpływów VoiVod, odrobinę blackowego szaleństwa i inne wynalazki. Jednak pomimo wielu naleciałości materiał ten brzmi niezwykle spójnie i co jest olbrzymim plusem – wszystkie 10 numerów trzyma bardzo wysoki poziom! Mnie kupili.' - Musick Magazine


'Są… krajowi, ale też mocno odstający od powszechnie ustalonych kanonów. Bo z jednej strony jest w ich muzyce potęga, masywność, znana z stricte metalowych płyt, jednak już sposób aranżowania z długowłosymi piewcami rogatego nic wspólnego nie ma. Poszczególne utwory zaaranżowano na transową modłę – próżno szukać chorusów i bridżów. Zespół rozkręca się i wali po uszach zapętlonym, hipnotyzującym hałasem, gdzieniegdzie błyskając geniuszem za sprawą dogrywanych do zasadniczych riffów, świetnych, gitarowych ozdobników, które bardzo śmierdzą mi noise rockiem. Muza przewala się przez głośniki, brudząc uszy i ciesząc dawką zawartego w nich syfu. ' - Violence Magazine


'Death Is The Border That Evil Cannot Cross to niewiele ponad 40 minut niezwykle intensywnej i odlotowej muzyki. Ręczę, że jeśli ktoś ceni takie połączenie metalu, postmetalu, noise oraz zakręconego rocka - będzie tą płytą Nihilosaur zachwycony.' -


'Atmosphärisch, druckvoll und vielschichtig ist das reichlich philosophisch betitelte Werk, das zwischen (Post-)Metal und Noiserock pendelt und sich damit recht eigenwillig positioniert. Immer hinterlegen sie ihre Songs mit Filmsamples, erzeugen durchgehend Spannung, vermitteln das Bild einer Band, die eine klare Vision hat für ihr Tun – und die vielleicht endlich mal von einem Label mit entsprechend größerer Reichweite entdeckt werden sollte. -


released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Nihilosaur Szczecin, Poland

Florian Analfox - voices, bass,
Felix Geniusfix - guitars, samples,
Tiwo Meiz - drums


Studio albums:
1. The End is Within Sight - 2007
2. Death is the Border That Evil Cannot Cross - 2013

1. You Will Never Get the Satisfaction- 2011
2. Icebreaker Hope - 2014
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Track Name: Swedish Concentration Camp
there's a place where all you care
is to choose the right cheese
or one among thousands of wines
that's a paradise created by man

pretending serious enlightenment
it's just a pathetic simulacrum

there're no parents, gender's wrong
there’s no shoulder to cry on
to know you're alive you have to kill
or burn churches, you fuckin’ zombies
Track Name: The Guillotine
what's to come is in the past

time goes by, the hunger burns
I close my eyes I clench my fists
I spread my wings around the stars, around my dreams

and what I don't know is the only thing I know

my head is fucked up, my brain's at its best, my penis collapsed
let's dance to the right pulse
the winter is near but winter will pass
Track Name: Fucked Up
(By Philip Larkin 'This Be the Verse')

they fuck you-up, your mum and dad.
they may not-mean-to, but they do.

get out as early as you can

they fill you with the faults they had
and add some extra, just for you.

get out ...

but they were fucked up in their turn
by fools in old-style hats and coats
who half the time were soppy-stern
and half at one another’s throats

man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Track Name: NASDAQ
(By Chinese Anonymous, Translated by Gary Pansey)

national association
of satan's dealers
automated and quotations

first come officials
and then of course their boss,
next come the famous
with so much dough to toss;
bodyguards hold down the fort,
execs and doctors fare well,
phony beggars in every port,
lap dancers crowd the stairwell
but last and least are you and me,
who suffer so incessantly
Track Name: Zoloft
puppies and kittens make me smile
honey, can I lick your gorgeous ass
do not fear, love is here, do not fret
I don't mind, put your finger in my...

clouds shaped like muffins

magazines say your face doesn't look right
honey, everything that counts is fun
do not fear, party's here, just keep pace
strange, but your finger in my butt has failed

shopping really relaxes me

when everything I'm not joins me
It seems I’m finally what I really am

and all I have to do is bend over and lick myself
Track Name: Nightmares
the light beetween my legs seems to be the end of trail
modern man's daydreams have turned into nightmares.

the pain is the root of knowledge
I will die a fool in my analyses

years become days, but evil still doesn't cease to amaze me
more delicious, more sensual, more cruel and inhuman

I'm waiting for the lion's roar
Track Name: Soon
soon ideological front lines will shift
and your enemy will become an ally
and your friend your enemy
Track Name: Unfortunately
Since I got married and especially since my child was born
I've been completely helpless and exposed to the evil of the world

Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch the world's end sitting in an armchair with a cigar and a beer in my hand laughing
Track Name: Love is the Crown of Hate
more and more, from day to day
I resent you though I should love

I come home more tired and sadder
more beastly, more soulless ‘cause I stayed among humans

with their poses looking like smart-arsed apes
who can't stop wrinkling, twisting mugs
and I'm a skunk just like them

more and more, from day to day
I resent you though I should love
but only the truth breeds hatred
unfortunately hatred inflicts the wounds upon itself
Track Name: Self-awareness
a man more willingly adheres to evil than good
but conditions don't favour him to be bad
to live in prosperity you must be moral
to consume you must be kind

but only in prosperity life is really pleasant
on the other hand pleasant life in prosperity is evil
is evil at the same time

man has always thought that the fulfillment
is still ahead of him such a moment does not ever occur
and he remains only with the knowledge that his life is wasted
because he did not know how to enjoy the moment

years go by, and a movie that we’ve wanted to play
in our lives has never been really made
so we're sitting hidden under the cover of nothingness
which is the only limit of our self-awareness

For most people the only purpose in life is profit
market is salvation, a shopping center is a temple
and the only god they adore and who they can devote
everything to is money